Dodji Ousmane

Do Grow Hair clinic was discovered by Dodji Ousmane a certified Trichologist,herbalist as well as Holistic Nutritionist. Dodji has been in health care industry for over 10 years studying and understanding the issues of hair and scalp problems. She came with a unique and proven method to treat hair loss, hair thinning and scalp issues. she offers an honest and ethical approach to clinical trichology. As our logo indicate Do Grow Hair clinic, we offer Hair transplantation for those who we can't restore their hair back ( baldness) . Hair transplantation is actually a minor skin surgery performed under local anesthesia that moves donor hair (that are genetically programmed to last) to thinning or bald areas. Donor hair comes from you. Hair begins to grow in three months and it lasts a life time! Those seeking a solution for their Hair Loss are advised to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable physician.


Kati DeCaire

I went for a hair and scalp analysis and I am so glad I did. The consultation was very informative and the magnified camera gives you an amazing look at what is going on with your scalp. I did the deep clarifying scalp treatment and I am loving the result.

Dodji showed me a before and after of the magnified images of my scalp and hair follicles and the results were so worth it! The salon was lovely and Dodji is very kind and professional.

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Do Grow Hair Clinic

Trichologist- Scalp and Hair Specialist

503 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L9A 1C1

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