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Our specialists are trained in trichology. We start from the root of the problem. After an analysis of your scalp, we will recommend a program specifically designed to restore the balance of your scalp, combining home care treatments with in-depth clinical  treatments.


• Thinning hair or hair loss • Dandruff • Dry or oily scalp • Psoriasis • Eczema • Hair loss due to  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy • Deep scalp cleaning • Beauty mask • Intense hair care • Moisturizing bath and more

We have really solution to offer:

  • Hair Transplant F.U.T

  • Palette Rich Plasma ( PRP). A Natural and non- surgical way for hair thickening  and growth

  •  Hair growth laser low light devices  therapy (LLLD

  •  I Grow, hair growth system

  • medical devices cleared by FDA for hair growth

  • Hair Restoration

  • Scalp Restoration

  • PRP a natural and  non invasive treatment for hair regrowth


Kati DeCaire

I went for a hair and scalp analysis and I am so glad I did. The consultation was very informative and the magnified camera gives you an amazing look at what is going on with your scalp. I did the deep clarifying scalp treatment and I am loving the result.

Dodji showed me a before and after of the magnified images of my scalp and hair follicles and the results were so worth it! The salon was lovely and Dodji is very kind and professional.

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Trichologist- Scalp and Hair Specialist

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